say grace lyrics

say grace

say grace 

she was almost out of high school

 when she left home

 got a job in an office

 she answered the phone

 her boss was a creep he wouldn’t leave her alone

 she had to go 

middle of that mess she met a fine young man

 they rolled into houston in a chevrolet van

 louisiana tags a beautiful band of gold

they carried each other so long

but they drifted apart never really went wrong

they just married too young both moved along

c’iest la vi

she starts every day

 just fine

then she hears that voice

same place same time

her mother is in the mirror 

with the same old lines to say 

she says you know better say grace

don’t even try

you can’t take your brother’s place

don’t even try

don’t give me that face any more

so where does the time go

now there is gray in her hair

she sits at her dressing table

in a wrought iron chair

wears a terry cloth robe

with a tear

when she is alone

the tv says war in the holy land

she looks at the wrinkles on the

back of her hand

rubs her fingers where she wore a wedding band

she looks away

precious savior

she remembers a hymn

it is a hymn

she never liked

she goes to the gym

goes to work

dinner with a friend

falls asleep

with the tv on

you know better

say grace

don’t even try

you cant take your brother’s place

don’t even try

don’t give me that face anymore

say grace

you know how

all these years

even now

stand up

mother take a bow

cause you still

make her cry

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