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If you don’t know my work and don’t know where to begin AND want a suggestion- start with say grace.   If that works for you, then try mercy, then cotton.  If that all makes sense, then try pretty world.  It may take a bit of time.  No rush.




Hey everybody,  we are re-packaging mercy, cotton and pretty world.  They will go out as existing stock is depleted.   I am trying to reduce plastic and paper.   There is no plastic insert and I have taken out the lyric book (lyrics are on this website). The sound is the exactly the same so if you have any of the originals, you likely don’t need the new packaging.

I introduced sepia into the photos because I like it and changed the face of cotton because I wanted to.

Saying all that,  my general advice is there is not enough difference between the new and the old packaging to buy both the original and the new.  They sound exactly the same.

regards and thanks


March 1, 2014


t h e  t r i l o g y:

m e r c y,  c o t t o n, and p r e t t y  w o r l d





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